Dine in with a variety of local & North American food options.

We have designed a menu to keep you satisfied by starting your mornings with some of the best authentic Typical Costa Rican foods. Our Chefs were asked to bring two menu items to their interviews, Gallo Pinto and Huevos Rancheros, from there we chose the best recipe and added it to our menu.

Room rates include breakfast for two (2) from our a la carte menu.

Throughout the day, you can enjoy a lunch made up of fantastic fresh offerings from a platter of homemade nachos and guacamole to a spectacular fish casado.

Our Dinner menu offerings are comprised of fresh fish vegetables and meats. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for daily specials.

 cocktails on the beach


Non-alcoholic options include coffee & tea, pop & mocktails

We also offer beer, wine, spirits & cocktails