Our Story

We decided to pursue a dream that started 10 years ago when we were starting a family. We had decided to pursue our passions and buy a fishing lodge to operate in Northern Ontario. Unfortunately, we sold our house and were ready to get started, and the owners realized how much they loved the lodge and changed their mind. We have been blessed with other opportunities since then, but we realized that once the most recent one ended, we were back to square one.

So, we decided to try again. Friends of ours had gone through some challenging life experiences, and mentioned Costa Rica was a perfect place for them to get away and wind down.

Well, we decided to investigate our next adventure! After months of studying the economy and tourism industry we decided that Costa Rica would be a perfect place for us to grow as a family. Our friends were willing to commit to the move as well, which meant a lot, so with over 40 years of Hospitality and Customer Service experience under our belts, we decided to make a go of it.

After visiting several resorts, we found one in a perfect community to raise our children and run a business that utilizes our passion for providing service and great food to friends, family and guests.

Set on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica our resort includes multiple villas with a main restaurant overlooking the ocean, in the town of Playa Junquillal. It is a quiet town, with 3 kilometres of beach to enjoy, spectacular sunsets, and a lovely sense of community.

People come to Costa Rica to take in the diverse ecosystem or simply to relax on the expansive beaches – it has something for everyone and truly is a slice of paradise.

We are excited to share this exciting new, life-changing resort with you.

Pura Vida,
-The Ambeau & Haasz Families.